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3rd phase of 150th Birth Anniversery of Sister Nevedita


Date: 25/10/2017
Dear Friends,                                                                                                                     
We are very happy to inform you that Ramakrishna Math, Barasat a Branch centre of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math is going to celebrate the 3rd Phase of 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Sister Nivedita , a  beloved disciple of Swami Vivekananda, was inaugurated on 10th January 2016. In Commemoration of the Celebrations  we have  taken a venture to organize  a  day long Youth Convention  in the age group of 15 years to 30 years on 17th December, Sunday  2017 to spread the  life-services  of Sister Nivedita  and the CLARION CALL of her great master Swami Vivekananda  to regenerate the youth strength of the Nation.
In this occasion, we are inviting Articles written on the life -services of Sister Nivedita from the willing participants  to exhibit their inherent talents on the following topics (word limit 600-800 ) given below  to be submitted within 30th November 2017.The articles with special merit will be awarded in that very day.
So you are cordially invited to take the initiative to encourage your students / youngsters to participate in the above said Convention. Your all sorts of kind co-operation is highly solicited.         
Yours in the service of the Lord

 (Swami Aghoratmananda)

Topics :- Sister Nivedita – A Consecrated Life in making of her Master’s  envisioned India.
( স্বামী বিবেকানন্দের বহ্নিশিখা – ভগিনী নিবেদিতা )

Sister Nivedita – an iconic sprit of Indian woman emancipation.
( ভারতীয় নারীশিক্ষার পূর্ণ বিকাশে নিবেদিত প্রাণ – ভগিনী নিবেদিতা )

* The last date of submitting the application along with the article is within 30/11/2017.
* An entry of Rs.20/-(Rupees twenty only) is to be deposited along with the application.
* Reporting time  : (within) 8.30 a.m. Sunday, 17.12.2017
* Reference Books are available at the Books sales Counter of Ramakrishna Math, Barasat and  any other centers of  Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission.
* Article can be written In Bengali or in English.
* Tiffin and Lunch will be provided to all the participants.
* Application will be granted as first come first serve basis.
*  List of Reference Books: In Bengali : (১) ভগিনী নিবেদিতা (উদ্বোধন কার্যালয়), (২) কুইজ অন নিবেদিতা (উদ্বোধন কার্যালয়), (৩) স্বামীজিকে যেমন দেখিয়াছি (উদ্বোধন কার্যালয়), (৪) ভারতের নিবেদিতা (গোলপার্ক), (৫) অসামান্য পত্র লেখিকা (সারদামঠ), (৬) ভগিনী নিবেদিতা (সারদামঠ), (৭) নিবেদিতাকে যেমন দেখিয়াছি (সারদামঠ), (৮) ছোটদের নিবেদিতা (সারদামঠ), (৯) আমি এই দেশেরই মেয়ে (সারদামঠ), (১০) লোকমাতা নিবেদিতা (শঙ্করী প্রসাদ বসু)

In English : i) Sister Nivedita( Sarada Math Dakshineswar ), ii) A Memorable Voyage(do), iii) My India My people(do), iv) Nivedita as I saw her (do), v) Voice of India (do),vi) story of Nivedita (do), vii) Nivedita of India ( Institute of Culture),vii) The Master as I saw him (Udbodhan).

* Participants are allowed to collect References from any authentic sources.
* Selected articles with authentic bibliography will be sent for publishing in the reputed magazines.
* The serene atmosphere of the Math compound is to be maintained by all.
* For details please visit    
Or  Contact: 9836846120 / 8777253794 / 7278952203 / 9433829116 / 9830921549 / 9830435082

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